The Advantages of Dry Rug Cleaning

Dry rug cleaning is an alternative to having your rug shampooed and deep cleaned. It is a newer type of area rug cleaning that is different than all other moist and dry cleaning methods that have been traditionally used. With this type of cleaning, only enough moisture is used to take up any dirt left behind after vacuuming. Some rug cleaning services recommend this type of cleaning for wool rugs to control allergens and maintain its original look. Wool is the most common material used to make hand made rugs. They are resistant to soil and are very durable. Most are also non-toxic and non-allergenic. Because they have this natural resistance, it is better to retain these qualities and use cleaning practices that do not reduce these qualities in the rug upholstery cleaning nyc
. This is one reason why dry rug cleaning is very beneficial to anyone who has a hand made rug.

Using this method ensures there is no soap or water left in the rug. The pile is left looking fuller and much cleaner. Detergent is not used to do the cleaning and that means there will be not residue left in your rug either. Excess residue attracts more dirt and will require it to be cleaned more often than necessary. With less water being used to clean, the rug will dry faster. Other processes completely saturate the rug with water and require them to be dried thoroughly. Improper drying can lead to damage that cannot be repaired. This process drastically reduces the risk and makes the rug available for use much more quickly. A final benefit of this particular area rug cleaning method is that it is environmentally friendly. The cleaning process itself is non-toxic.

Most rug cleaning services use biodegradable cleaning solutions that effectively clean the rug without posing any threat to your home, family, or the environment. There are multiple methods for dry cleaning a rug. With all methods, rinsing is not required. Some companies use a foam product that they spray on the carpet. Others use a cotton bonnet that uses a spinning technique to deeply clean the rug and absorb all the dirt. One other method involves a substance much like saw dust that has a little moisture. A machine evenly applies the substance to the rug and the dirt clings to it. After it has dried, a vacuum is used to pick up the cleaning product along with all the dirt it has attracted. Check with your local rug cleaners to see which methods they offer and if they are appropriate for your rug.

Having your rug cleaned every so often is very important. Vacuuming it once a week will remove all loose dirt and prevent an over abundance from working deep into the pile of the rug. If you do not have your rug cleaned the dirt will set into the fibers of your carpet and will begin to cut them and cause it to wear faster. Perform regular maintenance on your rug and have it cleaned at least every five years so it will keep its original look and remain a valuable part of your home decor.

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