Bitcoin Marketing – Case Studies

Bitcoin Marketing

Successful Bitcoin Marketing often leads to innovative businesses simply accepting obligations to begin new niches. A number of businesses have experienced great fortunes with using Bitcoin, which further strengthens the marketplace by supplying more software for your cryptocurrency. The almost non-existent costs in addition to the inability to reverse trades is a huge selling point for business, where traditional payment methods (for example, credit cards) will depart the business with losses.

Listed below are a couple of of those businesses which have experienced great success with accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bees Brothers

Bees Brothers was a firm set up by three brothers that coinmarket cap were studying about bees through farming honey. As time passes they ended up becoming honey than they knew what to do with them and started to promote it locally. This eventually led to accepting Bitcoin for online purchases, as it doesn’t have any fees and is a very secure means of accepting payments (with no charge-backs), and their firm exploded from there.

It’s really safe to say Bitcoin is precisely what made their business as strong as it’s currently, and they, in turn, helped reinforce Bitcoin by accepting it. It is a win-win for everyone.


Expedia is a substantial site for booking travel, plus they have recently started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. They accommodated 290,000 bookable properties) As of yet, airline tickets and car rentals cannot be paid via Bitcoin, nevertheless they have said they are working with it.

It is not clear how much the acceptance of Bitcoin has affected Expedia, nevertheless they stated they came up with their own quotes about what they need to anticipate. Expedia further said they have been meeting and exceeding those quotations, leading to great things for the company (and Bitcoin).


Dell is a considerable computer company that pretty much everyone ought to know about. Their acceptance of Bitcoin was a sign that it was possible to make it mainstream, or even get more attention from individuals who are uncomfortable with the notion of cryptocurrencies.

It’s hard to say precisely how their firm accepting that the coins will alter them, but it is extremely important to consider the simple actuality that their clients largely consist of computer experts and other educated women and men. To put it differently, it’s hard to go wrong with accepting Bitcoin as a technology company.

As of yet, no information was printed regarding what affects the move to accepting Bitcoin has had on Dell, although it’s safe to presume it is very likely to be useful. Even if the earnings to the organization don’t grow, every purchase that happens through Bitcoin means less money is lost due to fees and fraud.

Why Bitcoin is Useful for Businesses

Since it comes down to this, Bitcoin provides the exact same benefits to all businesses that take them. They supply reliable payments (which can’t be reversed or be regarded as deceptive), low costs (the acceptor pays absolutely nothing at their own conclusion) and quickly transfers (there is not any waiting for months or even days to obtain the cash).

Each one of these help boost business productivity, increase the profit and help take care of the business all around. Along with this, all funds that are got in are held by the firms themselves, rather than needing to wait about for a third party to release (or not release) them.

As an increasing amount of businesses jump on board with Bitcoin, it’s likely to help push others to get onto it too. This benefits the entire community, by increasing the number of customers and providers that are using the cash, which provides more software and helps create more cash.

To acquire a whole lot of organizations, the consequences of Bitcoin endorsement still haven’t been observed. Considering that the marketplace around it grows, but this can alter and fantastic things will take place.

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