Five Common Air Conditioner Problems

Do you want to know  the most common air conditioners problem in Singapore all people facing? Aircons are known to develop some mechanical and functional problems over time. Once this problem occured, you may not be able use or enjoy the full functionality of air conditioning at home during the hot season.


The following is the most common air-conditioning 5 problems.


  1. Air conditioning unit can not be on

– Sometimes the air conditioning unit is turned on, but it will not respond even if the power is connected.

– This particular problem is usually caused by a broken or burning electrical wire that de-energizes the equipment.

– This problem may also be caused by a not functioning transformer or thermostat .

– When dealing with this kind of  issues, it is advisable to have your professional staff check your equipment, find the problem and solve it accordingly.

– Another indication that the problem may be related to wiring is that it takes a long time before the switch turns off automatically or before power is applied.

– immediately encounter such problems, please turn off the device, and then contact a professional aircon  company for help.

  1. Air conditioning unit leak

– When the  water begins to drip from your airconunit, this automatically shows the  leak signals, which will require your immediate action like calling a professional aircon company to check.

– If immediate checking and solution are  not taken, the growth of all affected mildew and molds, such as and heating  and heating fins, may cause aircon malfunctioning.

– When these areas are covered by the mold, the system becomes not functioning or ineffectively and therefore not providing cooling function.

– Sometime aircon Leaks may be caused by blocked drain or a defective condensation tray.

– When the time  you hire a aircon expert to inspect your unit, they should be able to provide the correct problems and solution.

  1. Unit on but can not work

– Another common air conditioning problem is that although it is already on, it does not cool or even heat your home.

– This may be due to different problems, which may include defective refrigerants or grilles.

– When it comes to refrigerant, the size may not be enough to effectively cool the entire house.

– When dust starts to slowly clog the grille and does not act to clean it up, it will ultimately affect how the unit works.

– One of the best solution to prevent this problem is to check it by an professional aircon expert who can not only diagnose the problem , at the same time they also can provide accurate solutions to the aircon problems involved in heating systems  and ventilation.

– If diagnostics are related refrigerant problem, spare parts need to buy and  must be replaced to solve the problems.

– If the aircongrill is the main cause of the malfunction, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

  1. External fan vibration, but can not work as expected

– The main function of the external fan is to help remove heat from the room and release it into the atmosphere.

– However, if the external fan’s capacitor or motor fails, it will not function as expected.

– This issue will need immediate attention and, in most cases, spare parts replacement.

  1. Air conditioning unit produces unexpected noise

– In some cases, your air conditioning unit can operate efficiently, but with strange, jarring noises in the process.

– The noise produced may be hissing or rattling.

– As mentioned earlier, this noise can be very irritating and can become a source of distracting attention, especially in offices or bedrooms where people are trying to fall asleep.

– This irritating noise can be generated immediately after the device is turned on, or it can be generated in a short period of time.

– One of the major causes of this problem is the worn fan belt.

– This happens gradually over time, and as the unit continues to be used.

– Due to the corrosion of various parts of the unit, noise can also be generated.

– Except for units that operate effectively, it should be able to do so without making any harsh noise.

– The only sound expected by such a unit is the flow of hot or cold air from the unit.

– If you have any questions, you should seek the advice of a Singapore professional company to handle various aircon models.


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