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I invest a great deal of time speaking to auto glass shops throughout the week, and this week it struck me that among the most essential facets of selling to clients (some clients, for that matter) is your capacity to market and provide excellent service–over the telephone or in person. Here are 5 tips I thought of this I trust will be helpful for you:
1. Assume the Sale
The client is calling you or submitting an internet service request since they are considering you. Close the deal with making them understand you are the ideal choice. Help them make the choice by phrasing your questions correctly. Rather than asking “do you want to schedule service?” Attempt “When would you prefer to schedule service? I’ve got some openings or Friday.”
2. Respond Quickly
I believe Al’s hammered with this stage in this site, but Internet clients anticipate pace windshield repair cost. If they wish to acquire windshield repair or windshield replacement, then they need itnow*. The guideline is telephone within 5 minutes of getting an agency request and consistently answer your telephone within the first couple of rings. If you are understaffed and overlooking a great deal of telephone calls or internet support requests, it could be time for you to hire a person to answer the phone and schedule auto glass tasks fulltime.
3. Follow Up
If you can not get to the client on the initial call, leave a message initially call each hour the first day till you hit them (obviously, do not leave a message every time–that the client will not appreciate that). Individuals have busy schedules, so work together. If you do not reach them the very first day, then call one time each day for another 3 times until you give up following up. Trust me, this follow up works.
4. Create Word of Mouth
Go out of the way to the client. Clean their brand new windshield till it sparkles. Vacuum their vehicle. If you do not find them in person, make a tag dangling on their rear-view mirror using a secure drive-away time so that they’ll know you have already been there. Stay in contact with them ahead of their appointment so that they’ll know when you are arriving. We have found that clients are amazingly pleased when their automobile glass replacement or repair goes according to plan, and if one of the buddies needs a windshield, they will consider you.
5. Get Client Ratings
Send out a private email reminding every customer to publish their evaluations. Lately one of our partner stores began doing this along with the amount of evaluations improved radically. If your installer fulfills the client, they should request the client in person to submit their score. These evaluations relate closely with shoppers, therefore the more favorable evaluations which you have, the better you seem to possible clients.

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