Lie Detector Tests for All Border Patrol

It’s been said that you’re able to get such a thing across the boundary between the Mexico and the United States that you would like as longer to payoff a border patrol officer. Infact 3-5 boundary patrol officers were detained on the boundary between U.S. and Mexico this past year. When we put more border patrol officers on duty there’ll soon be many more individuals to see and they’ll learn immediately the principles happen to be more dishonest and accepting bribes.

We have to give all boundary patrol officials lie detector tests every 6 weeks to protect against this. In the event the boundary patrol officer does not pass a lie detector test, then they must lose their retirement and be terminated. So whenever these individuals opted for that job that they guaranteed to be good citizens.

The range of those legal aliens coming across our boundary is put at roughly one million each year. And also the sum of medication, that come across the U.S.-Mexico edge annually is at the area of 10,000 loads that’s understood.

In case our border patrol officers are all on the shoot, afterward coyotes who smuggle illegal aliens within our boundaries and also the MS-13 gangs and drugs can’t be ceased. Lie detector tests we understand work plus it is sensible to make use of them all boundary patrol officers, so they simply can’t be trusted and we’ve already utilized this at a sting operation. Please think about that in 2006.Lie Detector Test

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