Medical Alert Alarms – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

A medical alert or monitor has a range that is limited to the confines of a typical home. That means if the person wearing one of these devices were to wander off into a backyard or down the block they would no longer be in contact with the monitoring system. When the device is down and unable to transmit data the call center is notified and takes corrective measures. They will call the caregivers and alert them to the fact that the device is no longer transmitting a signal. These devices should not be confused with GPS tracking devices.

For a less obtrusive and expensive option caregivers should consider using a medical emergency button service. These devices are much more affordable and easy to use and are appropriate for older people who want to maintain an independent lifestyle but are not suffering from dangerous health conditions. As we get older we tend to be more vulnerable to fainting spells were moments of dizziness which can cause an accidental fall. An accidental fall can disable a senior citizen so much so that there aren’t able to stand up or even crawl to a telephone personal alarm system. With just a push of a button they can be connected to a call center who will follow a predetermined protocol to provide the appropriate level care. If the fall victim or sick individual is coherent and able to speak with the trained call response worker they can direct the monitoring company to provide whatever level of care they need, whether that’s calling 911 or a nearby son or daughter.

One disturbing thing about these call buttons is that very often senior citizens who fall are too disoriented and confused to use the device. Sometimes older folks worry about pushing the button and having the fire department knock down their front door and whisking him away to Hospital. Very often they’ll just sit there not sure what to do. That’s why we say these devices can complement the well-designed care program but can never replace them completely.

Incidentally, there are a number of ways you can make sure that emergency personnel don’t literally knock down the front door if the sick individual is unable to unlock it. Ask the monitoring system for a lock box. This is basically a secured little safe that contains the keys to the house and can only be opened with a combination that the monitoring system can give to the first responders.

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