Soccer With a Heart and Soul

Soccer Aid

FIFA Mobile Soccer Hack – May 2006 watched football legend Diego Maradona engage in Soccer Aid, a charity game that raised money for kids supported by UNICEF. Maradona once more took center stage as Argentina’s captain at his famous number 10 soccer top. 72,000 spectators assembled at Manchester to see England play against the Rest of the World. The home side included of British actors such as singer Robbie Williams and specialists that formerly played for England’s group for example Paul Gascoigne. Maradona had Brazil’s Dunga, Germany’s Matthaus along with France’s Desailly on his own group Together with the former sprinter Ben Johnson and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. England won 2:1 from the Rest of the World in a thrilling game that increased #6 million to the planet’s children.

Barca using a Cause
FC Barcelona is one of the few teams to always deny a host. However, for the first time in their own 107 year history, they wore a UNICEF logo in their soccer championships in service of a children’s’ charity. Barca has vowed 1.5 million euros each year for five years to assist poor kids with AIDS in developing nations. The first season’s setup is now gone towards AIDS programs in Swaziland where as many as 40 percent of adults have been infected with the HIV virus that contributes to full blown AIDS if not treated in time.

Play Soccer
The Play Soccer program established from the United Nations Children’s Fund engages children through community based football activities and teaches them about social and health problems. Having a focus on the girl child, it’s mobilized communities in Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Cameroon, Malawi and South Africa. Recognizing the ability of football as a fantastic leveler, Play Soccer collects funds from several organizations such as FIFA to secure fundamental soccer gear to kick start the app. It’s was able to get the lives of 10,000 kids…

Aims for Girls!
Throughout the 2007 World Cup, UNICEF and FIFA once more got together in support of women’s empowerment. This joint effort used the planet’s most popular game to promote sex equality, education and consciousness vis-à-vis feminine rights. Employing the child friendly college version, it provided both genders quality instruction in a secure atmosphere.

Considering football reaches 1 billion people throughout the World Cup cutting across sex, economic and societal challenges, it conveys a universal message of hope and togetherness. For nothing could unite the planet over a tiny black and white soccer played with countless and observed by billions… It generates bonds of friendship and trust; it compels individuals to function as best that they could be; and being the very best one could be is about being humanist and reaching the hand…

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