Fascinating Facts About Twitter Microblogging Service

History of microblogging started on 1 March 2006, once the popular social media Facebook added little feature – consumers could write exactly what exactly are they doing at this time. A couple of months later premiered a service named Twitter. Initially Twitter had solitary aim – through the exchange of short messages inform friends that you’re doing today.

From a technical perspective, Twitter is simillar to IRC customer and it’s frequently known as SMS Service online – the duration of a message is limited to 140 personalities, like in a normal message SMS.

However, the reason it’s so popular today? This is response – seven truth, which made Twitter more popular:

History of the crash a passenger airplane with a whole lot of birds in January of 2009, followed by stepping to the waters of Hudson hasn’t completed without Twiter. Janis Krums, situated in one of those ferries, photographed fallen airplane and tweeted the picture before the media came to the scene sarah morrow.

Throughout the terrorist assault in Mumbai (India) eyewitnesses sent roughly 80 messages every 5 minutes in Twitter. ‘Twittering’ helped compile the record of wounded and dead. They also spread emergency phone and addresses of hospitals in need of blood donations .

Analysis of New Scientist technology compared Internet 2.0 service with normal world media, consequently was discovered that microblogging support is better for preparation efforts in the rescue operations. By way of instance, the Red Cross in America is currently using Twitter for sharing info about local events regarding the actions.

All entrances in Twitter.com are indexed by search engines.

Owners of BlackBerry telephones are hooked Twitter users on the planet.

Back in October 2008, the U.S. unique solutions had come to view Twitter as a potential communication service for those terrorists.

Back in February 2009, the media Secretary of the Ukrainian president educated about launching of the official online profile President of Ukraine – Viktor Yushchenko from the social media Twitter.