Top Paying Affiliate Programs – How to Generate Massive Amounts of Affiliate Revenue

Top paying affiliate programs are what you need if you want to get the best possible return on your business. Remember, whatever program you decide to promote, it is going to cost you in time and money. It makes sense therefore, to make sure you are promoting one of the top paying affiliate programs in order to generate the largest profits and the best possible cash flow – in the shortest possible time period.

In order to generate $1000 in commission you could have maybe one sale paying $1000 or ten sales paying $100 or a hundred sales paying $10. Logically, you will be banking more money more quickly, if you promote one of the top paying affiliate programs instead of marketing a low priced item or service.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs РHow to Generate Massive Amounts of Affiliate Revenue Como Ganar Dinero en eBay

In this article, you will have the opportunity to research and compare three of the highest paying affiliate programs.

GIVEOPP – “Empowering individuals with opportunity by giving to Philanthropic causes

With an opportunity to earn commissions of between $1000 and $2000 from each sale, affiliates are jumping into this affiliate program which is directly linked to philanthropic causes. In fact 80% of the Company’s profits from the sale of their products are donated to one of 4 worthwhile charities. These charities can be selected by the affiliate who are generating the sales.

As recently as June 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates, of Microsoft fame, recently published an article in the Fortune magazine to promote their $600 billion Challenge. Already, over 40 of the worlds billionaires have committed to giving away at least 50% of their wealth to these causes.

IMMACC – Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Centre

This has been quoted as “the largest online marketing school in the world” and offers an online video tutorial system to educate their students on all aspects of Internet Marketing.The course is accessible online 24/7 and teaches over 50 different methods of generating online traffic.When you have mastered some of the strategies covered in the course, you will know how to promote any product or service online.

For anyone serious about online marketing, this course really is an absolute goldmine of knowledge. As an added bonus, every student who registers with IMMACC, are automatically entitled to promote IMMACC as an Affiliate. Not only is IMMACC one of the top paying affiliate programs on the market today, with sales commissions of between $1000 and $2200, but the product is truly professional and exceptional value.

KB GOLD – The worlds first Gold backed Savings Plan

KB GOLD allows people to open an online account, where they can deposit fiat currency, in exchange for 24 carat, kinebar gold in small affordable denominations of 1 gram or 0.5 grams.This gold bullion is encapsulated onto a product card ( similar in looks to a credit card), it has a hologram and serial number inscribed by laser to prove its authenticity and approval by the Swiss regulatory bodies. On purchase, the gold can either be delivered by courier, or alternatively stored in a Swiss vault for safe and secure storage. At any time, the deposit can be converted back into cash although thousands of shops and stores are now accepting these cards as payment for products and services.

Affiliates who promote this program can earn cash or gold as commission. In fact, you can get paid anything from $130 to $900 – for simply helping others to open an online account with KB Edelmetall.

One of the best features of the KB GOLD opportunity, is that not only is this one of the top paying affiliate programs, but the Affiliates have absolutely zero cost to get started. They receive a FREE website to help promote their affiliate business and full genealogy within their back-office

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